The development history of bookshelves


Although there are books, there may not be bookshelves. With the development, human beings will put books on fixed and convenient shelves. Therefore, we can speculate that simple furniture such as the early Warring States Shelves are the prototype of bookshelves.

Ming Dynasty

This is the peak period of the development of Chinese furniture. On the basis of the previous furniture, the furniture of the Ming Dynasty has achieved the aesthetic characteristics of beauty of craftsmanship, beauty of materials, beauty of structure, beauty of craftsmanship and beauty of decoration. Minimalistic but not simple. The main materials are pear, red sandalwood, Qi Zi (wenge) and so on. Hard wood is not only solid and durable, but also has natural texture and color, pattern, texture, smell, etc. The craftsmanship adopts the mortise and tenon structure, with exquisite workmanship, natural lines, and few and exquisite decorations. The characteristics of Ming-style furniture can be summed up in four characters: simple, thick, refined and elegant. Therefore, Ming-style furniture is not only the pinnacle of Chinese furniture, but also the wonder of world furniture. The bookshelf at the time was nearly perfect.

Qing Dynasty

由于贵族的奢华和高贵的追求of the Qing Dynasty, their furniture is also cumbersome. Although the materials and craftsmanship are similar to those of the Ming Dynasty, its strong decorativeness is diametrically opposite to that of the Ming Dynasty. We see unique artistic achievement and tedious and sophisticated kitschy. In modern times, new technologies, new materials, new decorative styles, new ideas, etc. are all reflected on the bookshelf. At the same time, people began to pay attention to people-oriented, so bookshelves appeared to meet the needs of different customers.

Post time: Feb-28-2022